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Quality PrePress Equipment Sales,     Service and Parts

Alternative Repair Service is a Michigan based Pre-Press Equipment Sales and Service Company

Sales and Service of All PrePress Equipment Makes &

ABDick - Agfa - Anitec - Creo - ECRM - Escofot - Fuji  Glunz & Jensen Itek - Lino  Presstek - RipIt  Screen and many more!

Computer-To-Plate, Imagesetters, Rips, Platemakers, Processors, Graphic Cameras

Local and Reliable

Fast Response

Customer Friendly with very competitive service rates

New, Used, Refurbed Equipment and Parts

A.R.S. has all the test equipment and skill needed to properly  diagnose your equipment troubles.

Tech Support Line

800-248-8989 or 734-771-2287

Shop located in Newport, Michigan 48166

31 Years in the Prepress Service Industry


PARTS GALORE!!! We also have miscellaneous parts for the following units. Accuset 800, Accuset 1200, Accuset 1200+, Accuset 1400, Accuset 1500, Avantra 20, Avantra 25, Avantra 25S, Avantra 30, Avantra 30S, Avantra 44, Avantra 44S, Agfa Avantra 44E, Avantra44S, Avantra44XT, Ultresetter,  Agfa, Rapiline 43, Rapilne 66, Rapiline 17, OLP, Phoenix 2250, VRL 45, VRL 46, Mako, ECRM, Lino 330, Lino 300, Lino 630, Lino 530, Lino 560, Ripit Speedsetter, Ripit Exxtrasetter, Ripit Speedsetter 300, Ripit Speedsetter 400, SpeedSetter® 300, SpeedSetter 300x2, LogE processors, Paco Processors, Escofot platemakers,  Mako 4675, Mako 4650,  Mako 625,  Mako 3675, Fuji, Heidelberg, Hell, Screen PT-R 4000, PT-R 8000, and many more.

Call us for our price on Laser Diodes

for Screen Platesetters and other models.

Alternative Repair Service - Prepess Equipment
(Mike Neubecker - Field Engineer - Owner)

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